Scientific edition »Actual problems of Jurisprudence “is a magazine, the basis of activity of which is the publication and distribution scientific articles among local and foreign scientists.
     Mission of Edition is to provide opportunities scientific figures for publishing and free spread results conducted by their researches.
      The purpose of the magazine is to provide opportunities for publishing  results of researches of representatives’ of scientific community to get attention to the actual and perspective directions of development jurisprudens, strengthening discussion of questions in the scientific community in Ukraine and abroad.
      The main task of the magazine is to publish theoretical and scientific articles on the issues:
      – Coverage of problems that related to legal science, legal regulation procedural and legal activities in modern Ukraine
      – Promotion of development of sciences of the legal direction;
      – support young scientists.
      Principles of the editorial policy of the magazine «Actual problems jurisprudence» include:
      – Impartiality, objectivity in the selection of articles for their purpose of publications;
      – matching for high quality requirements of scientific research;
      – Duality and confidentiality reviewing articles;
      – Collegiality in making decisions of publication of articles;
      – Efficiency and availability in the process of communications with authors;
      – Hard observance of copyright and related rights;
      – Clear observance of schedule of publication.