Scientific Journal “Actual problem of jurisprudence” complies with the requirements of editorial ethics in accordance with the international ethical rules of the Committee on Publication Ethics in accordance with the principles of objectivity and impartiality (impersonality) of scientific publications.

The jurnal makes a contribution to the development of the relevant branches of science by publishing research materials.

No form of discrimination is allowed in assessing the scientific content of manuscripts.

The editorial board of the journal does not enter to a discussion with the authors of the articles that were rejected for publication.

The purpose of reviewing the materials is to improve the quality of articles published in the journal “Actual problems of law”. This is carried by methods of independent evaluation of manuscripts by highly skilled specialists.

Reviewing the materials of the journal “Actual problems of jurisprudence” is absolutely anonymous for the author and the reviewer. The procedure is carried out by two independent reviewers («double-blind» peer review policy).

Manuscripts may not be disclosed by editors or reviewers before publication.

Requirements placed on the website of the journal ( in the section “Conditions for publishing articles” and “Requirements for articles”) are mandatory for acceptance of articles for consideration.

When a responsible secretary receives an article, he registers it in the register and assigns a registration number.

Then the chief editor sends article for member of the editorial board review or for external reviewers review.

The reviewer view manuscript objectively and in time.

The final decision about consent or refusal to publish the article is taken by the regular meeting of the editorial board after receiving the reviews. A letter will be sent to the author with an overall assessment of the article on behalf of the responsible secretary by e-mail informing the decision made by the board.

The article can be published after the revision / with taking into account the comments and recommendations for revision / after removing of comments are given. The reasons for this publishing should be explained.

The article is considered in the usual manner after correction.

In order to prepare the release of the journal the technical section of the editorial staff will continue to work on the article adopted for publication.

E-mails and names indicated by authors and users of the site may not be spreaded or passed on to third parties. Their using is possible only for internal technical tasks, communications during the preparation of the material for publication.

All copyrights are kept by the authors. The journal has the right to first publish.

The journal “Actual problems of law” does not recommend exceeding the level of self-citation in 10%, in accordance with the international rules of ethics of scientific publications.

Submission of materials to the scientific journal “Actual problems of jurisprudence” means automatic agreement with the presented provisions.

The editorial staff have a right to review, edit, abbreviate and reject articles. The author is responsible for the reliability of facts, statistics and other information. Reprint of journal materials is permitted only with the permission of the author and editorial staff.